Because You & Your Little One Deserve All The Love & Care! Because You & Your Little One Deserve All The Love & Care! Because You & Your Little One Deserve All The Love & Care! Because You & Your Little One Deserve All The Love & Care! Because You & Your Little One Deserve All The Love & Care! Because You & Your Little One Deserve All The Love & Care!

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Shaverush Sleek Face Razor

Mom & World Shaverush Sleek Face Razor. Whether it is your eyebrows, upper lip, sideburns, cheeks, chin, or forehead, this razor glides over the area and gives you a precise and clean shave. And the best part is the Mom & World Shaverush Sleek Face Razor is environmentally friendly; it is made with 80 percent wheat straw.

Kidsy Hair Nourishing Oil

Attractive cutie hair appeal now brings charms and smiles to your baby’s face. Mom & World fulfills your mommy’s desires to care for your baby’s hair with our baby exclusive Kidsy Hair Nourishing Oil. Infused with 11 essential natural oils such as Sweet Almond, Coconut, Brahmi, and Argan, it gives the best nourishment to assist in hair growth, conditioning and strengthening. The herbal power adopts amazing moisturizing and nourishing nature that poses a beautiful look for your baby’s hair….

What They Say About Us:

“The oil fragrance was amazing ,my baby loves the fragrance of oil. it increase the power and very energetic for baby.”
Cherry Jain


“Amazing product! Way better than those fancy face washes which just dry your skin out ! It single handedly healed my skin!”


“Using since 5 days and can see the results. This belt reduces my few belly inches. Best product for my postpartum belly.”
Masira Khan


A wide range of skin care products to pamper your skin during pregnancy or postpartum is just a click away at! Pregnancy is the most beautiful feeling to experience, and now that you are a mother-to-be, extra attention needs to be paid to everything, starting with skincare. Everything from what goes inside your body to what you put on your face needs to be screened.

Becoming a mother, especially for the first time, is an important milestone that brings around its share of challenges. Your skin goes through drastic changes, even postpartum, and needs extreme care. The sleepless nights and baby care makes face and body appear tired. Mom and World understand all your problems and have solutions to all. Shop from our range of Pregnancy and New mom skin care products and discover the best results for your skin.

Our user-friendly online platform makes it easy for you to go through and choose the products you desire with a click of a button. So go and fill your carts with the joys of skin care.

We have also put together special kits taking into consideration what is most required by the new moms or during pregnancy, which can be viewed at our Gifts section.

Enjoy all our products and let all the new moms or the mom-to-be about the wonders it does for your skin.

Explore our range of New Born Baby and Kids care products only at Mom & World! We acknowledge your concern about which products are ideal for the sensitive skin of your baby and thus have formulated a collection of best baby skin care products with only natural and toxin-free ingredients. The baby’s skin requires only the safest and gentlest products. We understand your baby deserves the best, and we are here to provide it. We also have a collection of kids’ skin care products to help tend to the skin care needs of the growing kids. If you are worried about your kids’ playing outdoors will take a toll on their skin, we have got you covered with the best of sunscreens, face washes, mosquito repellants, and more. All our formulations are gentle, mild, safe, and skin-friendly. Our products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and can work wonders for your baby’s skin.

We have a set of Beauty products specially formulated for you to fight the damage done by everyday pollution and other factors that take a toll on the health of your skin and hair. Distinguished between three sections that is face care, skin care, and hair care, we have products catering to all your beauty needs. Our products are made with all-natural ingredients that are of premium quality, safe, and hypoallergenic to keep all your beauty problems at bay. Our formulations are dermatologically tested, and PETA certified to be cruelty-free and vegan. We have also put together beauty kits keeping in mind the essential beauty regimes for healthy and glowing skin and hair. These kits can be bought from the Gifts section on our online platform.

We have very carefully combined and put together the best of our products in our gift sets and kits catering to your skin care, face care, and hair care needs. We also have a gift box for your baby as well as for you during the beautiful phase of pregnancy.

So go and shop for your favorite product sets in the Gifts section of our website. Specially curated for you and your baby for an experience that you always treasure and come back for more.