5 Compelling Reasons Why Switch To Menstrual Cups

Yes, you heard it right! Menstrual cups! Let’s talk about this taboo subject because it is directly based on female hygiene health which should be ignored. Menstrual cups are amazing products that are designed to help manage periods better. And if you’re missing out on these, then this discussion is just for you! 

Tired of all the mess created with disposable pads or tampons? You need something more manageable and cheaper like Menstrual Cups. These feminine hygiene essentials are quite compact and have a flexible funnel-shaped cup made from high-grade silicone material. An amazing alternative to tampons or pads, Menstrual Cups can keep you sorted for up to 12 hours during your periods. Even if you are traveling, these hygiene must-haves are super comfortable and easy to handle. 

If your mind is still struggling to find reasons to switch to Menstrual Cups, take a look at the following compelling reasons! 

The Long-Lasting Hygiene Essential

Eco-friendly option to other alternatives for period hygiene, Menstrual Cups are reusable that can last a long time. That means you will be using a product that does not contribute more waste to the environment. This waste-saving product can be reused for months. It is recommended you should replace your cup annually. However, many high-quality Menstrual Cups last for up to 10 years. 

Good Capacity 

No more worrying about changing pads again and again! These cups can hold up to 3 times what a tampon can keep. You can wear a Menstrual Cup for up to 12 hours. This is what makes it an amazing alternative solution for women with the heavy flow during periods. You can take a look at Mom & World Menstrual Cups that are available in different sizes. Based on your requirement, you can pick the best fit for yourself! 

Say Goodbye To Rashes For Good

Disposable pads can be a little harsh on your sensitive skin. Working women normally struggle with rashes on their skin due to long hours of wearing pads at their workplace. Pads create a stifling environment which is a major reason for yeast infection or bad odor. However, using Menstrual Cups does not involve any worries about dealing with unkind rashes on the skin or unpleasant odor. 

Extremely Comfortable 

If inserted in the right way, Menstrual Cups are so comfortable that you won’t even feel like there is something inside you! If you are using tampons or pads for a while, you might feel a bit tricky to use them. It may take many practice sessions at first, but once you get a proper hang of them, you will feel so amazing at how simple they are to use. 

Take Less Space In Your Bag

Due to their compact size, Menstrual Cups take up less space in your bag and you do not have to worry about keeping extra pads or tampons every time you travel. Just keep one Menstrual Cup and you are sorted! One of the biggest advantages if you are on your period, you are already carrying it inside you! You do not need to bring an extra piece as it is reusable. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are working for long hours or traveling for days, this amazingly engineered hygiene essential is just perfect for you! No more worrying about changing the pad and disposing them especially when you are traveling! Moreover, the cost of buying a Menstrual cup is a one-time investment in a long time. You can take care of it for at least a year. Mom & World is the one-stop online destination for those who are looking for these amazing alternatives to messy pads or tampons. You can pick the suitable size for yourself and spend worry-free periods.