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Have you gone perplexed having been relentlessly hearing pieces of advice from distinct people on how to maintain your locks? Well, if you intend to maintain them in their utmost shape, implementing a hair care routine with particular guidelines is a must. However, this doesn’t mean that you completely overhaul the current way of preserving them and begin to ponder all sorts of new products.

While you may get different opinions from a divergent set of individuals, below we’ll share some of the tips and tricks from our aficionados. The hope is that after following them you may realize a conspicuous change in the appearance of your tresses. And, trust this: executing these so-called suggestions is pretty easy and just don’t assume them to be “no walk in the park”. Let’s check them out!

Tip 1
Wash with lukewarm water

You may be lured by scalding showers because of the relaxation it provides, it is imperative to mention here that they have an important role in taking off the essential oils from your tresses. Sooner or later, you’ll realize the locks getting withered, which tend to break each time you comb.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll overlook washing your strands. But, the need of the hour is that you must utilize lukewarm water, which isn’t harsh on the locks.

Did you know? The hot water that you frequently use to bathe is infamous to be the no.1 offender for drying your complexion. So, of-late if you have recognized your epidermis going shriveled, maybe those steamy showers are to be blamed.

Tip 2
Use a conditioner properly

In this era where usually people are too much concerned for their lengths, the chances are that you would already be utilizing a conditioner in your regimen. But the question is: are you employing it accurately? As a result, have you been able to gain the maximum out of this product?

Well, as is the case with most of the population, they carry out a wrong approach in the application of conditioner. It is paramount to skip the use of this stimulant in the areas where the tresses tend to get greasy, particularly near the roots. Connoisseurs opine that conditioning very close to the scalp may weigh down the hair. The best way is to apply from mid-lengths to ends. Additionally, making use of a wide tooth comb in distributing the conditioner through the lengths is advocated. It abets to arrange them easily and you can relish your untangling experience.

Note: Today, when you walk down a local store, you will come across a myriad number of conditioners from a number of brands. Wondering how to choose from them? To answer this question, scout for ingredients like Shea butter, Black seed oil, Aloe Vera, Amla-for example. These additives are renowned to make hair smooth, abets in their growth, improve elasticity-to name a very few.

And to gain these profits, you may add to your kitty the following conditioner from Mom & World that boasts the above mentioned supplements.

Red Onion Hair Conditioner

Are you consistently coveting happy hair? Then it is perfect to break up with harsh chemical infused hair care product and indulge in a greener and cleaner routine. Check out momandworld red onion hair conditioner; crafted with the goodness of plant based ingredients like hefty moisturizer packed Shea butter – it is chock-full of essential fatty acids and vitamins that nourish the scalp with much-needed hydration and abets in keeping the curls soft. The punch of vitamins in the optimal products is vitamin B5 which succor in building hair shaft that gets damaged due to hot styling tool as well as safeguards each strand from environmental aggressors such as UV rays, pollution, and dirt. Furthermore, vitamin E is a powerhouse of antioxidants that helps in restoring and nourishing the scalp with much-needed hydration making tresses long and strong. Additionally, the potent black seed oil has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that abet in maintaining the healthy scalp and nurturing the dry, itchy, and inflamed scalp with moisturization without making the ends greasy or down.

The opulent conditioner is loaded with active botanicals sourced from around the globe such as Aloe Vera – deeply nourishes the finicky scalp along with calming it. The Indian healthy hair secret Amla is laden with nutrients and vitamins that abets in growing the curls and making them super-strong from root to ends. Another Ayurveda herb Brahmi is also enriched in the product which is known to avert dryness on the scalp and helps in preventing split ends. The powerful curry leaves are multi-talented substances that avert premature graying of tresses, revitalized roots, shielding hair from all the foes, and encouraging healthy growth.

The not-to-miss conditioner is enriched with some of the best hair loving oils like Bhringraj ‘reduces white flakes’, Ginger oil ‘stimulating blood circulation that strengthen the ends’, Moroccan Argan oil ‘ extensively hydrate the dreary and parched scalp’, and Green, Saw Palmetto & Nettle ‘ lessen down the shedding of tresses’. Lastly, it is also formulated with Fenugreek that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to combat bacterial attacks on the scalp for a healthy scalp. Perks: The conditioner is formulated with organic ingredients only! Free of harsh additives like parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, and phthalates. On top of that, the conditioner is completely vegan and cruelty-free. Level up your hair care routine! Sayonara to itchiness, dryness, and shedding and expect detangled, soft, and hydrated ends.

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Tip 3
Shampooing on the scalp

In contrast to a conditioner that primarily should be focused on the mid to the ends of the tresses, the application of shampoo is altogether different, which must be emphasized on the scalp (that produces oil and sheds skin cells). Thus, it is at the roots that indeed needs the most cleaning.

Not to forget to divulge: if you wash only the lengths and the ends of the curls, it’s highly likely the dampness from them may strip off. This paves the way for them to become dull, dry, and lackluster.

How to procure an ideal shampoo for your scalp?

By going through the labeling and peeping for the ingredients in the shape of Oats (prevents split ends), Amla (makes hair stronger), Aloe Vera (furnishes essential nutrients), and Vitamin E (provides extra nourishment). If you want to have the luxury of these essential constituents, pay heed to this shampoo from Mom & World.

Red Onion Hair Shampoo

Some of the most common hair loss issues are due to excessive stress, hormonal problems, too-much styling, and vitamin deficiency. If you are encountering the same fret not! Here we present a viable solution to deal with the above said problems, give it a try to momandworld red onion hair shampoo; the prolific shampoo is created with ingredients that abet in cleaning the follicle-congested impurities that impede in healthy growth of hair. The plant-based shampoo is infused with potent curry leaves that are known to avert premature graying of hair and keep the hair in a healthy state; the Brahmi is the ‘herb of grace’ extensively nourish the roots that abet in accelerating tresses to grow along with keeping the scalp calm and cool. Plus, it also prevents the formation of split ends from coming up! Furthermore, the superfood for curls ‘Amla’ is loaded with the goodness of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals not only fasten the ends to grow but also boost collagen production that strengthens the scalp. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rich Fenugreek abets in reducing the white flakes from the head and combating microbial infection. Additionally, the Black seed oil deeply nourishes the scalp with loaded vitamins that make hair smooth, soft, and healthy. The DHT blocker Green tea, Saw Palmetto & Nettle abets in reducing the shedding of hairs and stimulates healthy growth. Moreover, the vitamin packed in the shampoo i.e. B5 locks the hydration into the scalp and conditions the tresses which reduces breakage offering bouncy locks. And, the vitamin E is known for hefty moisturization that nourishes the scalp for stronger curls from the root. The shampoo does not strip off the natural oil all thanks to potent oils in it i.e. Bhringraj ‘reduces dandruff’; Moroccan argan oil also called queens of oils ‘ameliorate dry and damaged locks’, Jojoba oil packed with vitamin C and minerals ‘deeply moisturization the scalp, combating microbial attack, and averted hair loss’, and Olive oil ‘promoting blood flow to each hair strands for thicker mane’. This over-the-counter shampoo is crafted with only natural, pure, and organic compound without harming any furry animals. Plus, it is vegan also! What’s new? The exquisite product doesn’t contain any hair damaging woes like parabens, sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, and phthalates- making it the ideal pick for every hair type! Even the most finicky and sensitive hair type can use the shampoo without worrying about any reaction or damage or moisture loss. So, inculcate this ultimate hair rebuilding shampoo into your hair care regimen for noticeable shiner, longer, and stronger locks!

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Tip 4
Rinse thoroughly

Now that you are all set to get out of the shower, it is vital to rinse your tresses thoroughly. In simpler words: you need to ensure any by product isn’t left behind as it can leave you with buildup.

Tip 5
Don’t wash every day

There are some who have this misconception that washing their hair each day is hygienic and abets to keep them in their prime state. This may flabbergast them: doing this activity relentlessly may dehydrate their curls and strip them of their natural oils. Consequently, breakage and hair fall almost becomes a dime a dozen situation.

Tip 6
Never dry off with a towel

A towel seems to be an ideal way of drying off the hair, yet it is not recommended. Why? Because it can tangle your curls too much!

Instead, squeeze out excess water from the tresses and utilize a microfiber cloth, which is gentler than a towel.

Tip 7
Give blow dry a miss

Never rush! After washing your strands, it is better to let them dry on their own. While occasionally using a dryer is ok, their regular maneuver can make the tresses fragile.

Tip 8
Oiling is necessary

Applying oil on the scalp and massaging with it regularly substantially aids in improving blood circulation. This further relaxes the muscles, boosts shine, and hydrates the hair.

Tip 9
Trimming is important

In order to steer clear of split ends, it is advisable to go with trimming after every 6-8 weeks. Apart from keeping tresses in good shape, it also promotes its growth.

Tip 10
Avoid ponytails

While trying distinct styles is what most ladies like, it is definitely not a good option every time. Albeit, they make you appear beautiful, you must be enlightened with this downside of theirs. That, pulling your hair puts unnecessary strain on the locks and may play a substantial role in their fall.

Tip 11
Protect them from sun rays

Perhaps you may not aware of this fact: As and when you step out, the ultraviolet radiations from the sun along with the other innumerable pollutants floating in the air are ready to damage your tresses. Hence, it is indispensable that you must never expose them, which can be attained by doing this:

  • Wear a hat/scarf-When your tresses are covered, the path of the rays is impeded. This should be taken care of, especially during the dog days when it is extremely hot.
  • Never go out with hairs that are oily-This is because the chances of dust particles getting clung to the locks are augmented.
  • Employ a hair sunscreen-Explore the market to purchase a hair sunscreen that shields your tresses from inimical outside aggressors.
Tip 12
Snooze on a silk pillowcase

Were you conscious of this reality? Cotton pillows are notorious for their absorbing abilities. This means they can extract the essential out of your locks. Rather, prefer a silk pillowcase. It wouldn’t distract in the working of already applied products.

Tip 13
Drink enough water

Internal intake and external consumption of aqua is something that must never be ignored. Drink enough levels of water each day, while the hair products would ensure the moisture content is maintained externally.

Tip 14
Eat Healthy

You may get tired of reading this tip, but we won’t stop ourselves from writing this again and again: eat and always eat healthy. Your tresses are made up of proteins/amino acids and require enough nutrition to preserve themselves. Eggs, berries, green leafy vegetables-for example, are some of the foods that are deemed healthy for healthy hair.

Final words

Above were some of the tips shared by our respected maestros. If you implement a routine that embraces them, you’ll surely be boasting about your tresses that are lustrous and full of sheen.

Keep reading our blog section that’s updated regularly, to stay in touch with what our experts have to say.

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