Why Baby Massage is Essential: Guide for New Mothers

Whether it is about caressing your little one to his/her dreamland or easing up that irritating gassy belly, a soft and gentle massage can do wonders on your baby’s body.

The power is in your warm touch mothers- you are the WONDER WOMEN!

Baby massage comes with many advantages. Every single stroke makes your baby feel cherished and nurtured. This also strengthens your bond with them. Also, massage is the best way to make your little one feel more relaxed to improve their sleep.

Many pediatricians suggest that baby massage also promotes healthy growth in your babies. We know many of you must now be thinking about- WHEN AND WHERE TO START?

Do not worry ladies!
We are here for you.

Here, in this guide, we have put-in together all the benefits and techniques you all want to know about giving a massage to your little ones.

Let’s start from the basics.

Right Time to Start Baby Massage

Well, there is no such strict rule about the right time to start massaging your baby. However, you may find many suggesting that newborns must complete a month of their life to get a massage. The reason being the skin of your baby is underdeveloped at the time of birth, it is quite sensitive to handle and takes around 15 days to become water-resistant.

There can be a severe infection if any oil or lotion gets trapped in the pore of your baby’s skin- So, be careful. Additionally, in case you want to take your baby to a group massage session, then it is highly recommended to wait until your newborn is at least 6 weeks old. This is because babies can sometimes find a crowded environment a little stressful.

Keeping everything in mind, we highly recommend that one month is the most suitable time to give a massage to your little bundle of joy.

How Often You Should Give a Baby Massage?

The answer to this question depends entirely upon you and your baby. Some mothers tend to give massage to their infants daily, while others prefer giving it every two days. Also, there is no fixed time to this as you can give your baby a massage during the day or at night to help soothe them to sleep. You can consider your baby’s cues and set the best time for his/her massage routine accordingly.

Moreover, you can also consider baby massage before a bath; it can wash away the excess oil and prevent the accumulation of the same on your little one’s skin. If your baby has dry skin, you may choose a massage after the bath to nourish the skin.

Health Benefits of a Regular Baby Massage

Massage offers numerous health-related benefits to the baby, such as:

Stimulates the Nervous System:

A gentle massage can offer many benefits to your baby’s nervous system since it stimulates and promotes motor skills development in infants.

Improves Blood Circulation:

Massage also improves the blood circulation and relaxes your baby from extreme discomfort due to gas, teething, chest congestion, and more. It also stimulates the nerves surrounding the tummy area, thus promotes healthy digestion.

Instant Stress Reliever:

A gentle rub relieves the stress in your little one and stimulates the release of a happy hormone called oxytocin. Massage also relaxes the muscles and stimulates growth making your baby feel strong and healthy from inside.

Promotes a Sound Sleep:

Babies tend to sleep better when they feel relaxed. A sound sleep boosts muscle gain and improves the immune system in babies. Newborns who are given a regular massage before bedtime effectively produce a sleep-regulating hormone named melatonin.

Socio-Psychological Development:

According to many pediatricians, massage is responsible to stimulate a baby’s sense of touch; this further enhances the development of psychological and social development. This also strengthens your bond with the baby.

Which Type of Oil to Use for Your Baby Massage?

For newborns over a month, it is highly recommended to use natural massage oil as it will cause no harm if ingested by mistake. You may consult your doctor for choosing the best massage oil for your baby.

However, many pediatricians recommend using baby oils like Baby Nourishing Oil for Baby Massage from the house of Mom and World due to the presence of natural ingredients. This oil is a unique blend of the regular ingredients like sweet almond, coconut, wheat germ, olive oil, and much more. Baby Nourishing Oil saturates into the skin easily and has a light yet charming aroma. Moreover, it supports sensitive skin and enhances circulation to keep it delicate and sound. This is one of the perfect moisturizing and massaging oil you can go for your baby.

Where Baby Massage can be Effective?
Bouts of Hiccups

Massage is very helpful for the time when your little one is facing bouts of hiccups. Hiccups are said to occur when the nerves of the abdominal cavity are wavering of the diaphragm. This can be due to several reasons like acidity, intake of air while breastfeeding, etc. If so, then a massage can help your baby to de-stress and mitigate hiccups.


Regularly massaging the gums of your newborn is a good way to deal with the pain during teething. You just need to wash your hands and pat them dry. Then gently massage the gums using your fingers. Try to be gentle and do not massage the gum where the tooth might erupt.

Gas and Constipation

This is also known as the- I LOVE YOU massage. A gentle rub on your baby’s belly lets him/her poop well and provides instant relief from gas or acidity. According to many child specialists, belly massage is important to cure problems like tummy ache in babies. This is because it stimulates the intestines to release the gas and allows them to poop better.

You can also use Mom and World’s Baby Tummy Roll on to provide your baby instant relief from the discomfort and pain caused by acidity. It comes with all-natural ingredients like hing, fennel seed oil, Ginger powder (sonth), and more. All these ingredients together act like a shield for your baby and effectively reduce gas and reflux-related problems. Just take the roll-on and gently massage it over your baby’s belly for instant results.

Massage a Boon for Babies

As discussed above, massage is a great way to improve your bond with your baby while allowing them to grow with all the love and nourishment of the world. Try to maintain a proper schedule for a massage and always consult your pediatrician in case of any doubts and issues.

How was your baby massaging experience? Share your views with us by commenting below.

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