Tips For Baby-Care For Your New Born

Experiencing Parenthood is one of the most beautiful experiences. However, this experience may make first time parents feel nervous and overwhelming for obvious reasons as a baby’s skin is different from adult skin. It is delicate and requires particular attention. Here get hold of the useful tips related to the best babycare meant to deal with the sensitive skin of your newborn.

Sponge Baths

A lot depends on proper hygiene, including bathing, ensure that a baby’s immunity system gets strengthened with time. However, that does not mean that babies need to bathe daily. The ideal bathing time must be 2-3 times/week, as a daily bath may strip natural oil from the skin of your baby. Many disadvantages come with frequent bathing, from dry skin to damaging protective skin layers meant to safeguard against infections and beyond. Moreover, sponge baths are recommended during the beginning as it safeguards the infection-prone area around the umbilical cord against wetness and thereby protects it against infections. The temperature of the water is also a crucial factor, along with the quantity of water. The water should neither be hot nor should it be cold. Also, it is important to clean the baby’s face with a cotton ball to remove the dirt and impurities that may not go away entirely by the bath.

  • Natural Baby Soap (125 gm)

This natural baby soap ideally cleans the baby skin gently by leaving it soft, supple and hydrated. Formulated with nourishing and soothing properties, this soap comes devoid of fragrance, silicone, sulfate, paraben, mineral oil and more. Even this toxin-free natural baby soap is competent in offering rapid relief from dry and irritated skin.


A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and more vulnerable to environmental changes. It is prone to rashes, irritants, allergies and infections. This is where the role of a quality-driven moisturizer comes into the picture as it seals in the moisture, thereby preventing dry skin.

  • Baby Nourishing Lotion

Integrating a natural baby nourishing lotion into the baby’s skincare routine is key to retaining skin moisture throughout the day. Tested by dermatologists and paediatricians, this pH neutral and hypoallergenic lotion works wonder when it comes to offering lasting relief from cracked, chafed and chapped skin. This baby lotion comes with the goodness of ingredients like Vitamin E, Natural and Pure oils and Aloe Vera Gel. The blend of natural oils encompass oils made of apricot, avocado, organic olives, grape seeds, calendula, wheat germ, evening primrose, sweet almonds and more. Ingredients like Organic Shea Butter, Kokum, and Colloidal Powder further enhance this cruelty-free baby nourishing lotion’s effectiveness.


At times, due to time scarcity, parents fail to devote time to proper hair care. For hair and body, they use the same product and which is quite wrong. Scalp care is more demanding, and therefore dedicated hair care products, including shampoo and hair oil, needs to be integrated into the baby’s cleaning routine.

  • Baby Hair oil

A quality-oriented hair oil goes a long way in promoting fast hair growth besides strengthening the scalp. Packed with the goodness of natural ingredients, this hair oil moisturizes and soothes the sensitive scalp, softens hair, promotes hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles and keeps hair healthy and strong. To stimulate the blood flow to hair follicles, this chemical-free and hypoallergenic hair oil also protect baby hair from bacterial and fungal infection. Enriched with wonderful ingredients, this cruelty-free vegan hair oil creates a protective shield around the hair shafts besides sealing the moisture in the scalp and hair locks. The key ingredients include Coconut oil & Virgin olive oil. Coconut oil is loaded with hydrating & nourishing properties; extra virgin olive oil safeguards the delicate scalp skin, sweet almond oil nourishes the hair follicles, Jojoba, Castor and Avocado oil is meant to boost much-needed nourishment to encourage healthy hair growth. Vitamin E Oil is loaded with anti-oxidant properties besides being enriched with Vitamin A, D, B.

Diaper Basics

The skin around the diaper is most vulnerable to rashes and an array of infections. Therefore, it needs to be handled with utmost precaution. Hypoallergenic gentle wipes free from fragrance plays a pivotal role in safeguarding against infections while keeping the moisturizer intact. Also, the legs of a newborn are most vulnerable to mosquito bites. Therefore, you must invest in a natural mosquito repellent baby lotion.

  • Baby Mosquito Repellent Baby Lotion, 200ml

Protecting a baby against mosquitoes and other insects may appear like a daunting challenge. By integrating a dermatological tested mosquito repellent baby lotion, you can ensure a protective layer around your newborn’s sensitive skin to save from mosquitoes bites. This soothing lotion is enriched with essential oils equipped with mosquito repelling properties. Moreover, this environment-friendly product is free from mineral oil, toxic chemicals like sulphate, phthalate, paraben, and beyond. The critical ingredients of Baby Mosquito Repellent Baby Lotion include Neem Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Citronella oil, Rosemary Oil, and Lemongrass Oil. Rosemary oil is infused with insecticidal properties. Lemongrass helps in healing stings and cuts. Eucalyptus oil and Neem oil are well-known for their healing and calming properties. The essential oils of this non-greasy lotion mask the natural odour of a baby’s skin, thereby creating a protective shield against mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases. This vegan product is PETA-certified and cruelty-free.

  • Diaper Rash Cream, 50g

This intensely gentle moisturizing cream soothes sensitive and delicate skin by relieving redness, dryness, itching and discomfort in the area encircling the nappy. Devoid of harmful ingredients, this diaper rash cream has premium botanical ingredients like Almond, Argan oil, Beeswax, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil. Together, they shield the sensitive skin against a range of infections.

The Bottom Line

The skin of your newborn is indeed extremely sensitive to chemicals. Therefore, you need to take utmost care when handpicking hypoallergenic products exclusively formulated for babies. Devoid of alcohol, deodorants, paraben, and other detrimental chemicals, these natural products are meant to take care of sensitive skin in myriad ways. These products are especially appreciated due to their tear-free bathing as they do not irritate the baby’s eyes. In a nutshell, all you need is to be mindful of the quality of the products related to baby’s skincare. From shampoos to soaps, from sunscreen to hair oil, starting with natural products is indeed the best strategy for the sensitive-skin defence of a newborn.

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