The Importance of Natural Baby Skincare

Keeping your newborn healthy and safe is the priority of every new mother. There is nothing a mother would not do to keep their kids safe. Yes! New mothers are very picky when it comes to maintaining the skin of their little ones; from towels to diapers to baby accessories- They just want everything to be perfect and absolutely safe.

But, what about picking up the best natural product to maintain the health of your baby’s skin?

Remember, the skin of the baby has a very important role to play to maintain their health and defend your infants against harmful germs, irritants, viruses, and bacteria. It also regulates the temperature in your baby’s body and acts as a sensory tool to make them feel the surrounding through the power of touch.

However, your baby’s skin is very different when compared to adult skin. It is quite delicate and needs you to add in that little extra care throughout the initial years of your baby’s life.

Well, if don’t how?
This is how your baby’s skin is different from yours:
  • It is very thinner (nearly around 30%).
  • It can easily lose the moisture when exposed.
  • Baby’s skin is 20 times more sensitive that makes it prone to allergies and rashes.
  • It tends has high rates of water retention.

The skin of your little one is very delicate, thus it needs more protection. So, when caring for your wee one, we highly recommend you use a mild and natural-based cleanser or any other product that is specially designed for babies.

Keeping in mind your baby’s need we have listed some our favorite and doctor’s recommended natural products from Mom and World:

Baby Nourishing Lotion

This body nourishing lotion contains all the natural herbs and botanic oil. It quickly absorbs into the skin making it soft, moist, cuddly, and smooth- SOMETHING YOU WOULD LOVE TO TOUCH ALL DAY. The ingredients added to this unique product protect your baby’s delicate skin from the surrounding and other harmful chemicals. Undoubtedly, Baby Nourishing Lotion from Mom & World is known to provide a perfect balance of oil and water to keep the skin healthy- LET YOUR LITTLE ONE GLOW!

Baby Wash

A pure natural body cleanser specially designed for babies. This amazing foaming cleanser revitalizes your baby’s skin and makes him/her feel fresh. The botanical ingredients added effectively kill the germs and other impurities leaving a nourished skin behind- SAY GOODBYE TO DRY SKIN!

Baby Hair Oil With Organic & ColdPressed Natural Oil for Kids

Baby hair oil from Mom and World has all the natural ingredients your baby wants. It effectively moisturizes the scalp of your baby and softens the hair. Baby Hair oil also promotes the hair growth in babies by nourishing the root along with the follicles to keep them strong and healthy.

Importance of Using Natural Products for Your Baby

So, if you are one of the concerned mothers who constantly worry about product safety then we suggest you choose the products that have ingredients picked from the surroundings (like aloe-vera, wheat-germ, almond oil, and more). This will save you from searching the meaning of heavy chemical names using your Smartphone. Also, we understand that you want to be in bed with a tub of your favorite ice-cream rather than spending time somewhere shopping for baby products.

Always remember that many chemicals are extracted both naturally and organically. The natural products are the best shortcut to maintain the skin health of your little ones. Additionally, many natural brands like Mom and World use fewer yet the best natural ingredients in their product and stick to the same to let their product do wonders for your baby.

Why to Use Natural Products for your Baby?
To fight against Skin Sensitiveness:

Babies are quite prone to severe reactions due to the chemicals present in lotions, soaps, hair oils, etc. Due to such sensitivities, it is recommended to use natural products that are only designed for babies.

They are Chemical Free

This is one of the most important reasons for using a natural baby product. Nobody wants to deal with synthetic or chemical-based products as they can cause itching and allergies on your baby’s skin. Always, go for the certified organic products- as the ingredients added to them are pure, organic, and completely safe for your baby.

Natural Products can be Swallowed

Your little one tends to put almost everything in their mouth and it can be impossible for you to make them stop. Natural products cause no harm unlike the chemical incorporated products, thus are safe if ingested accidentally.

All in all, there are a variety of reasons to choose an organic product for your baby. However, the biggest reason is that natural products are cost-effective and are quite reliable to lean on when it comes to safety. These products are also viable alternatives to any other products available in the market with chemicals. Lastly, choosing natural products is one of the best ways to prove that your baby’s health is your priority.

Keep your wee one Safe!

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