The Ideal Bathing Ritual for Babies

There are various bathing rituals and tactics you can use to make this specific time effective and enjoyable for your little one. However, for many little ones, bathing is actually more like a time to play and they do not get dirty that easily. It is exactly for the same reason many new mommies tend to ask the following.

How often should they bathe their infant?
What rituals to follow during the bathing time?

Here, we are all set to help you, new mommies; with a step-by-step guide on the best bathing rituals you can follow along with some precautionary measures like how to position your baby, what all things you need to take with you in the bathroom.

So, let’s get started!

The Way to Bathe Your Little Bundle of Joy

Well, there is not anything called a perfect way to bathe your baby. However, you can follow any of the following that suits perfectly for your little one:

  • Sponge Bath
  • Tub Bath
  • Conventional methods of bath

No matter which of the above methods you decide to go for, the most important rule here is that never leave your baby alone, even for a second. Infants can sink even in less than an inch of water if left unsupervised.

But, it can also be a fun time, if you keep it safe for your baby.

Getting Done with the Bathing Area

It is crucial to clean and prepare the bathing area for your baby to make sure it is a safe place and that your baby will feel comfortable during his/her favorite bathing time. Additionally, this will automatically reduce the hassle of getting up through the bath and also lessens the chance of your making your little one feel uncomfortable.

What to Follow:

Always choose a firm area for sponge baths. Also, for a tub bath and conventional bath, your shower area can work the best.

Make sure that the room temperature is neutral (neither too hot nor too cold). Remember, that your little one can easily lose their body heat. Therefore, you need to switch off the Air conditioner, Cooler, Fan, and Heater before starting the ritual.

It is also for the best to switch off the geyser before starting the same.

Collect and Place all the Required Things

Imagine that you are out somewhere, ordering your favorite food and then you suddenly realize that you are not carrying your wallet. You will feel the same when you are just done arranging the space to bathe your newborn and realize that you forgot organic baby soap you recently ordered from Mom and World or even his/her towel. Such unnecessary movements during bath may annoy your little one and he may not wish to take bath anymore.

What to Follow:

Line up all the required baby products around the bathing area.

You might need a baby wash, face wash, soap, shampoo, towel, and moisturizing cream during the bath.
Do not forget to place a diaper at an arm’s distance.

Baby wipes, cotton swabs are perfect to wipe the eyes and ears of your baby- remember to be gentle.

Best Ways to Hold your Baby

You must firmly hold the newborn to ensure that he/she doesn’t slip in the shower area, especially when he/she is wet and slippery due to soap or shampoo.

What to Follow:

In case you are a right-handed mommy, try to wrap your left arm firmly around your little one (covering his shoulder area). Allow his/her head to rest on your hand as this will help him/her to stay above the water level.

Use your right hand to apply soap, and to perform the rinsing part.

Same goes in case you are left-handed- use your right arm to wrap the baby.

Easy to Follow Bathing Rituals

Always remember, bathing your little one is not a tough job to go for. However, it requires patience, concentration, and a lot of care. It is recommended to get someone around during the initial weeks so that you can get the required help for your baby. Also, by the time you are able to manage everything by yourself.

What to Follow:

Put your baby carefully in the bathing tub and hold him/her as suggested above.

Start pouring the water; you can use small cups or even your hands to do so. Be careful with the eyes and ears.

While soaping your little one, start by rubbing the arms, legs, and stomach of your little one. Also, make sure that the baby wash or baby soap you are about to use is clinically tested, mild, skin-friendly, and organic. This is essential for maintaining the skin health of your baby.

For shampooing the soft hairs of your newborn, rub some tear-free shampoo on your hands and gently massage the same into your baby’s hair. Use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp and rinse it off.

When you are done, carefully lift your newborn and wrap him/her in a towel. Dry gently.

Recommended Products to Use

Your baby’s skin is very delicate and needs special care and attention. This is why baby massage and hair oil along with other skin products are very important to have to handle the sensitive skin. Always choose the cleansers, baby-face wash, and soaps, specially developed for the babies as they will effectively protect the skin of your little one.

Additionally, if your baby’s skin is a little dry he/she has diaper rashes or conditions like eczema- try to avoid using chemical-based products. Apply Mom and World’s diaper rash cream for instant relief. If you notice redness after introducing a new product on your baby, try switching your product to another one immediately.

Last Words

Once you have followed the above mentioned to create a safe atmosphere for your little one, try adding some fun elements as well. Making your baby bathe helps to build your bond with the baby. So, try to play together. However, the fun and happy time should not put you or your baby at risk. Try to make it simple with the bath toys and other accessories. But, before you do that, keep in mind the age of your baby to keep him/her safe.

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