Kidsy Vegetables & Fruits + Sharp Eye Gummies for Kids, 30 Gummies Each (Mixed Fruit, Strawberry Mixed Flavoured)

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    Why choose Mom & World Kidsy Vegetable & Fruit and Sharp Eye Gummies?

    Source of vitamins

    Mom & World Kidsy Vitamin D Gummies are loaded with 400 IU of vitamin D. These gummies provide the extra care that your kids need in their growing age.

    Fills in nutritional gap

    Deficiency of vitamin D can make your child’s bones weak. Don’t take the risk when you have the vitamin D gummies to help you out.

    Supports better health

    These gummies help regulate phosphate and calcium levels in the body. Vitamin D is also known to promote a healthy immune system.

    No-fuss eating

    Your children may dislike the regular food but there is no chance they will not like the tasty gummy treat. Let these gummies take care of both their taste buds and health.

    Kids Love It, Parents Approve It. Wondering Why?

    Natural Goodness:

    Kids won’t leave their fussy habits of eating properly. On the other hand, the vital ingredients of a wholesome diet are important for their growth. So, these gummies enriched with the goodness of natural fruits and vegetables and 500 mcg Vitamin A for kids between 4 and 9 years are a great way to cover nutritional gaps to support the child’s active lifestyle.

    Daily Nourishment Dose

    Children at a younger age have a lot of nutritional requirements. It is important to empower them with the right nutrients to cover the nutritional deficiencies due to fussy eating habits. Alongside giving children wholesome meals, one gummy each per day will serve well for the overall nourishment and well-being.

    Phytonutrients Power

    These gummies have phytonutrients from carrots, beetroot, spinach and other wholesome fresh fruits and vegetables and provide energy to the body. Vitamin A gummies have natural vitamins, lutein, zeaxanthin so that kids get the complete benefit of plant power.

    Research-Backed Ingredients

    Kidsy gummies are made just with fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables to make the right formulations for giving wholesome nutrition in delicious form.

    Daily Nourishment For Your Little Ones!

    More reasons to love Mom & World Gummies

    How To Use?

    Recommended usage is each gummy needs to be taken 1 per day or as suggested by your physician. Let the kid chew it thoroughly to enjoy!


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