Kidsy Calcium + Vitamin D Gummies for Kids, 30 Gummies Each, Non-Habit Forming, (Mango & Orange Flavoured)

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    Why choose Mom & World Kidsy Calcium + Vitamin D and Vitamin C Gummies ?

    Source of vitamins

    Mom & World Kidsy Vitamin D Gummies are loaded with 400 IU of vitamin D. These gummies provide the extra care that your kids need in their growing age.

    Fills in nutritional gap

    Deficiency of vitamin D can make your child’s bones weak. Don’t take the risk when you have the vitamin D gummies to help you out.

    Supports better health

    These gummies help regulate phosphate and calcium levels in the body. Vitamin D is also known to promote a healthy immune system.

    No-fuss eating

    Your children may dislike the regular food but there is no chance they will not like the tasty gummy treat. Let these gummies take care of both their taste buds and health.

    Kids Love It, Parents Approve It. Wondering Why?

    Strong Bones, Teeth and Immune System

    Kidsy Calcium + Vitamin Gummies contain the appropriate amounts with calcium and Vitamin D for dietary needs of kids between 4 and 9 year sof age. Kidsy Vitamin C Immunity Gummies give kids the right amount of immunity-boosting vitamin C with herbal extracts.

    Natural, Plant-based Ingredients

    These gummies are vegan and contain just natural colors and flavors, soy-free, dairy and egg-free, gelatin-free, gluten-free, tree-nut free, and peanut free.

    Completely Safe For Kids

    Every Kidsy gummy is made from plant-based ingredients and is devoid of nasty things such as article additives for coloring and also harmful preservatives. These are completely safe to consume everyday. Moreover, these are light on kids’ stomachs.

    Assured Quality

    These gummies are made from best ingredients procred responsible and processed as per scientific standards and industry best practices using you complete satisfaction for complete benefit for wellness and health.

    Daily Nourishment For Your Little Ones!

    More reasons to love Mom & World Gummies

    How To Use?

    Take (1) gummy everyday with or after meals. It is best to consult healthcare providers for your nutritional supplements and medical conditions.


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