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Lifestyle Tips For Motherhood

Embracing motherhood is an intriguing feeling encompassing joy, anxiety, enthusiasm, slight nervousness and beyond. It is for sure one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences in the life of a woman. Here get hold of the most valuable guide by “Mom & World” related to the ideal lifestyle tips for your new motherhood.

Flexible Routine

To take good care of a baby, a new mom has to take care of herself first. After motherhood, your routine changes dramatically. Shifting your priorities is one of the ideal strategies to embark on a changed lifestyle post-delivery.

Nutritious diet

A healthy diet is not only essential for a speedy recovery, but it also helps you maintain your energy level throughout the day. Intaking a well-balanced diet that is an ideal blend of carbohydrates, protein, minerals, and vitamins will boost your overall immunity. However, it would be best to avoid ready-to-eat meals and saturated fats by shifting your focus to vegetables and fruits.

Quality Sleep

Adequate sleep will allow you to cater to the requirements of your newborn in an ideal manner. Mom & World’s Baby Tummy Roll-On is one of the fantastic products to help your newborn experience quality sleep. This tummy oil works great for reducing constipation, soothing infantile colic, reducing acid reflux, and improving overall digestion and bowel movement. Abdominal pain is believed to be a major reason for disturbance in a baby’s sleep. Baby Tummy Roll-On is enriched with remarkable ingredients. Asafoetida is renowned for expelling wind from the stomach. Fennel Seed oil enhances intestinal motility by decreasing intestinal spasms. Ginger essential oil eases bowel movement. Peppermint oil reduces the duration of colic pain.

Balancing Social Life

It is time to shift your priority towards your baby rather than focusing on socializing. With time, you will begin to enjoy motherhood as much you have enjoyed your active social life. To keep monotony at bay, you may invite your friends to your place and enjoy socializing from the comfort of your home only for the majority of the time. However, simultaneously, make it a point to step out of the house once you have recovered.

Scheduling Your Nap Time

By wisely syncing your nap times with the baby’s nap times, you can address this concern up to a great extent. For the same, you may use Mom & World’s Mama’s Hair Oil. Enriched with nutrient-rich plant oils, Mama’s hair oil softens frizzy and dry hair by dealing with an array of hair problems like split ends and hair breakage. It makes the hair lustrous, stronger and thicker. Suitable for all hair types, it comes free from paraben, artificial fragrance, SLS, and mineral oil. Blend of eleven natural organic cold-pressed oils assists in swift hair growth while improving sleep quality. Castor oil enriched with vitamin, protein, and minerals deals with inflammation. Enriched with fatty acids, Olive oil promotes healthy hair. Moroccan Argan oil perfectly works as a moisturizer for hair and skin, and Jojoba oil moisturizes hair strands. Wheat germ oil deals with hair damage, Almond oil strengthens hair thereby reduces hair fall. Neem oil safeguards against flakes and hair dryness. Empowered with microbial components, coconut oil maintains healthy hair, Shikakai acts as a natural scalp conditioner by detangling hair Amla, and Bhringraj enhances lustre and hair volume.

Indulgence In “Me-time”

It is undoubtedly challenging to schedule time for the things you loved before giving birth to the baby, but it is possible. A slight indulgence in the “Me Time” will only better prepare you to fulfil your responsibilities with greater enthusiasm. Remember, a smart mother never complains. Instead, she finds a way to enjoy a beauty regime, chit chat with friends over the phone if socializing is not possible. You should find a way to indulge in some “Me-time” as it is essential for a new mother. Mom & World has an exotic range of products to pamper you in your “MeTime” and Radiant Boost Brightening Under Eye Cream is certainly one of the best product for that pampering session. From dealing with dark circles to fine lines, from reducing wrinkles to puffiness, Radiant boost brightening under-eye cream intensely hydrates the under-eye area to soothe the eye contour. Free from sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, this cruelty-free and vegan product preserves your youthful look owing to the goodness of botanical butter, natural oils, plant extracts, and more. Shea butter, enriched in Vitamin A & E enhances skin texture. Cocoa butter reduces skin dryness by boosting elasticity. Sea Buckthorn and Vitamin E relieve skin dryness. Caffeine stimulates microcirculation by shrinking blood vessels, thereby decreasing dark circles and eye puffiness.

Seeking External Help

Dealing with motherhood may appear like a one-person show, but it is not. The sooner you learn the importance of relying on help, the better it would be for you to navigate this journey full of ups and downs. If extended family members are not available, you may count on trustworthy neighbours. Hiring a professional babysitter part-time or full time as per your requirement will certainly relieve you to a great extent, especially if you are a working woman.

Creative Indulgence

A new mom certainly deserves to indulge in an array of creative and entertaining activities. From watching YouTube videos to listening to a piece of favourite music, enjoying a stress-buster reality show, or merely indulging in artistic endeavours, be assured of deriving therapeutic value out of the same.

Trying A New Activity

Any new activity like learning Zumba or guitar or cooking a new dish has its unique charm. It helps you to counter mood swings and mind blocks by breaking the routine. Sky’s the limit in figuring out a new activity capable of bringing back a little ray of sunshine in your life. The popular activities include craft, art, cooking, repeating affirmations, solving puzzles, playing indoor games, Sudoku and beyond.

The Bottom Line

Being blessed with a little bundle of joy cannot be translated into words. From learning new motherhood skills to gaining insights into family psychology, a new mom’s multi-tasking lifestyle is worth appreciating and inspiring.

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