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How To Deal With Postpartum Hair Fall?

Are you panicked about hair fall post-pregnancy? Don’t be, as it is completely normal and extremely common. The sleepless nights and new motherhood is already filled with enough stress and so it does not seem fair that hair loss should factor in too. But it really does matter & calls for a proper hair care routine!

The ‘post-pregnancy shed’ can be quite a shock, but the good news? It is totally normal, pretty common, and your hair will grow back if taken care of properly.

Most women find that pregnancy makes their hair thicker. But remember that it is not the stress of having a newborn that is making your hair fall out! Let us find out what is up with your pregnancy hair, what you can expect postpartum, and what you can do about it.

Change in Hormones During Pregnancy & Postpartum
  • During pregnancy, you will see a dramatic change in your hormones.
  • One of the first to spike is human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. That is the hormone your pregnancy test measured, and its rising levels indicated that you were pregnant. Pregnancy also causes several other hormone levels to rise, including estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and prolactin. Your blood volume will also rise during pregnancy to as much as 50 percent greater volume than normal by your due date.
  • Immediately after your baby is born, various hormone levels drop quickly, including estrogen and progesterone. Those hormones will be almost back to normal levels within 24 hours after birth, although prolactin will stay high as long as you are breast-feeding your child.
  • Your blood volume also decreases, but its drop is more gradual. It gets back to normal a few weeks after your baby arrives.
How Hormones Effect Your Hair?
  • One of the biggest reasons for your pregnancy hair changes and postpartum hair loss is hormones.
  • During pregnancy, it is your high levels of estrogen that prevents your usual rate of hair loss. Usually, your hair falls out in small amounts every day. During pregnancy, in most cases, your hair loss decreases. The effect is compounded by your increased blood volume and circulation, which also causes your hair to fall out less than normal.
  • So after your baby arrives and your hormone levels drop, your hair makes up for the lost time by falling out in much bigger clumps than it usually does. The total amount of your hair loss probably isn’t more than you would have lost over the last nine months; it just seems like socking because it is happening all at once.
  • Postpartum hair loss can set in any day after your baby arrives, and it may sometimes continue as long as a year. It peaks typically around the 4-month mark, so if your baby is a few months old and you are still losing clumps of hair, that does not mean it’s time to panic!
Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair Postpartum & Prevent Them From Shedding:
Massage Your Hair Regularly:

Pick good quality organic hair oil like coconut, almond, castor, red onion or olive oil to massage your hair as part of a postpartum hair care routine. Use lukewarm oil to massage the scalp at least one to two times a week. You can follow it up by wrapping a wet hot towel on your head for five minutes. Shampoo your hair after that. If followed regularly with good hair care products, this hair care routine can get you great results.

For a good hair massage and to get rid of excessive hair fall postpartum, try Mom & World Red Onion Hair Oil. It is enriched with traditional and natural ingredients that provide advanced hair care. The cold-pressed oils and multiple herbal extracts help nourish the hair & scalp and make hair healthy from the roots to the tips. They work synergistically to sort after most of your hair related problems. This Hair Oil profoundly moisturizes the scalp as well as the dull and dry hair and restores the lustre and shine back into it. It easily penetrates deep into the scalp to the hair follicles and delivers all the essential nutrients that help maintain hair health. This Oil also forms a protective shield for the hair shaft to save it against environmental damages. It improves hair texture and promotes hair growth. Infused with the potent and rich Red Onion Oil, along with other powerful oils like Bhringraj, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Sesame, Blackseed, and many others, this Oil is an amalgamation of 100% pure cold-pressed oils. A gentle massage with this hair-benefitting Oil helps increase the blood circulation in the scalp, making the roots stronger, reducing hair fall & promoting hair growth. It is suitable for all hair types.

Carefully Select The Correct Postpartum Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo:

Shampooing your hair has two significant aspects. Firstly, the selection of your correct shampoo and secondly, the technique of shampooing. Pick a natural ingredient-based shampoo that protects your hair while cleaning your scalp and hair effectively. Check labels to ensure that the ingredients are natural and healthy for your hair. See that the shampoo does not have Parabens, SLS and SLEs, Silicones, or other potentially harmful chemicals.

To prevent excessive hair loss & strengthen your hair, incorporate Mom & World Red Onion Hair Shampoo in your daily hair care regimen. It is here to help you tackle all your hair related problems, from scalp build-up to combatting hair fall. This nutrient-rich formulation is infused with a variety of hair-benefitting herbs and oils to provide your hair with deep nourishment. The Hair Shampoo comes with a mild formulation to deeply cleanse your hair and scalp of dirt & grime without over drying the hair. The Red Onion Oil in the Shampoo nourishes the hair with antioxidant properties that help protect the hair and scalp from environmental stressors and promote blood circulation to the scalp. Natural plant proteins help to add bounce and lustre to your hair. Other potent herbs help promote hair growth and hair while improving the hair’s texture, making it smooth & silky. The Shampoo readily hydrates the scalp and roots, making the hair look healthy & lustrous. It is suitable for all hair types.

Stimulate Your Scalp With Some Treatment:

A healthy scalp means healthy & nourished hair, particularly after a pregnancy. Following a hair care regime inspired by your facial one is an approach recommended by a range of hair care experts and includes weekly massaging, cleansing, moisturizing, and masking, which can be especially helpful if you suffer from a dry and itchy scalp.
As you already know, hair cleansers with powerful natural ingredients serve as an effective way to slough off dead skin cells and remove product build-up to clear the way for new hairs. A weekly or bi-weekly scalp treatment with an enriching hair mask can also be a helpful way to boost blood circulation, stimulate the scalp and reduce stress.

For your weekly scalp & hair treatment, try Mom & World Red Onion Hair Mask. helps transform your hair from weak, lifeless, & dull tresses to thick, strong, & lustrous hair. Curated using a blend of potent natural herbs and bioactive ingredients, the Hair Mask helps restore your hair’s natural shine & health. It also helps protect hair from environmental damage, prevents hair fall, promotes hair growth by making hair strong from roots to tips, and repairs damaged hair. It is enriched with the power of Red Onion Oil that has strong antioxidant properties that help strengthen weak strands and promote the circulation of blood to the roots. Other natural ingredients like Blackseed oil, Amla, Fenugreek, Vitamin E, & Shea Butter helps nourish and condition the hair. The Red Onion Hair Mask is suitable for all hair types and helps provide deep hydration to the scalp & hair. It also helps improve hair texture and improves hair elasticity, thus reducing breakage. Get the Red Onion Hair Mask to make your hair look lustrous and awesome!

Treat Your Hair Gently:
  • Heating & styling your hair with a dryer or curling iron may make it look thinner and make it more brittle. Try to hold off on fancy styling and let your hair air-dry till the thinning & hair fall tapers out.
  • Brushing too hard can also cause your hair to fall out in big clumps, so be gentle when brushing and don’t brush more than once a day. You can use the extra time to cuddle your baby or catch up on sleep!
Take Your Supplements Regularly:

Your daily multi-vitamins should not be a substitute for a varied diet, particularly when you are a new mom with a baby to take care of. But they extremely help well as a supplement if your diet is not well-balanced. While no specific vitamins have been shown to affect hair loss, they are essential for overall health. It is often recommended to continue your prenatal vitamins after your baby is born, especially if you are breast-feeding.

Basically, your postpartum hair loss is totally normal and not anything to worry about. You just need a proper routine & the right kind of hair care routine. Our hair care range is specifically formulated, keeping in mind both pregnancy & postpartum hair care routine. Check out the entire range here:

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