How to Choose the Right Products for Your Little One?

As a mother we all love our little one beyond the limits- Don’t we?

Oh, that teeny-weeny nose and eyes, that silky-smooth skin and not to forget the shiny little hair on that gleaming round head- Everything about our babies is just so astonishing. We are always up to give the best to keep our bundle of joy as cuddly and huggable as possible. 

To make your baby look gorgeous you need to add products that are not only mild but effective into your baby’s daily skin and hair routine. Here, in this write-up, we will be providing you with all the information you need for the little apple of your eyes.

At first let’s get started with choosing the right product for your baby.

Say No to Products Available for Adults

Always remember that your baby’s skin and hair needs to be cleaned and moisturized, and massaged regularly. Their skin is more prone to dryness and using products for adults can harm them in every way possible. This is why you need to buy a skin and hair care product that is designed to suit the specific needs of your little ones. Such products are very milder to maintain the balanced pH of your baby’s skin to neutral, protecting it against dryness or irritation.

Prefer Buying Hypoallergenic Skin Care Products

Hypoallergenic products are specially formulated and are known to have the least amount of harmful ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction. Skin-care products like Mom and World’s Baby Body Lotion are highly recommended by various pediatricians as well as the dermatologists. This is a unique product for the delicate skin of the babies and is very gentle on babies having hyper-sensitive skins.

A Shower with the Nature

Always get products that are 100% natural for your wee ones. But not to forget it is not necessary that all the products with the label of 100% Natural are free from harmful additives. Therefore, always make sure to read the ingredients thoroughly before making a purchase for your baby. Also, look out for the chemicals or any other ingredient printed on the same you have no idea about. Do your homework to make sure the product you are about to purchase is safe for the infants as well as the toddlers.

Neither Acidic nor Basic- Be Neutral

Always use a product with a neutral pH level like Mom and World’s Baby Body Lotion to maintain the balance of your baby’s skin. It will also protect your baby against the allergens present in the surroundings. Additionally, products that have chemicals can cause rashes (beware they can become itchy!) and may cause irritation.
So, whatever your needs are, Mom and Worlds have a range of everything you are looking for to add in the daily skincare regime of your baby. The Baby Body Lotion is made with special care that provides the required nourishment to keep your little one’s skin soft and smooth- Make your baby feel fresh and cheerful!

Ingredients You Must Avoid:
  • Phthalates: This is a harmful chemical that tends to mimic estrogen (a female hormone). It has a property of getting absorbed easily through your baby’s skin. Phthalates accumulate under the skin if used regularly and may cause kidney or liver-related problems in the future.
  • Parabens or Sulphates: The most common and easily available preservative found in many skin and hair-care products. Parabens are known to cause skin cancer, male infertility, skin problems, and much more. Always choose a paraben-free product for your baby to keep him/her safe and healthy.
  • Added Perfume: Synthetic perfumes can lead to various problems like skin irritations, rashes, reactions, and may cause allergies due to the presence of highly-overloaded chemicals as a base.
  • Dimethicone:  Yet another man-made chemical that sits on the surface of your baby’s skin. It can clog the pores and may cause irritation or discomfort.
Pro Tips to Buy the Best Skin Care

Always read the ingredients to ensure that the product you are about to purchase is free from elements like dyes, perfumes, and other harmful chemical as this can be harmful your baby.

As mentioned above always go for the hypoallergenic products. They are reliable and safe to use.
Watch out for chemical free products as they can really harm your infant for long run.

Try to opt for products that have natural base ingredients.

How do you take care of your newborn?

For more tips and tricks for your newborn stay tuned for our next update!

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