Heal Baby’s Dry Skin with These Pediatrician Recommended Tips

“A baby’s smile is a bit of sunlight wrapped in your arms”

The journey of parenthood is full of moments where expectation doesn’t match with reality. Especially when new mom’s expectation of “baby soft and smooth” is just a myth but in reality some baby’s encounters skin issues such as dry, dreary, patchy, and flaky skin. The problem gets worse if the weather is dry and cool. Moreover, in most cases, the dry skin will get heal on its own. However, in some cases, the little one may need some extra TLC. Fret not! We are here to help you out.

First And Foremost, What Are The Common Cause For Dry Skin?

The most common reason for the baby’s having dry skin is that their delicate skin is sensitive than adults. When the baby is born after the due date their skin tries to adjust to the outside environment which can evoke peeling and dryness. Additionally, if you are using harsh soaps or body washes it can also root dry skin- as these chemical-laden products can strip off the skin’s natural oil which will not lock the much-needed moisture into the epidermis.

With that said, another common reason for withered skin can be the outside weather. The extreme dry season or winter waves affect our skin similarly it can affect the baby’s soft skin also. Furthermore, if parents have parched tone they can pass on the genes to their kids – they may also suffer from dryness or skin condition like eczema.

Then, What Are The Traits Of Dry Skin On Infants?

The dehydrated or flaky tone is harmless in kids, with time and little care it can get clear up. The most common symptoms to look for if your little has parched tone include:

  • Redness and Itching on elbows, knees, and face
  • Painful cracks
  • Rough patches on scalp or cradle cap
  • Greasy patches and yellowish skin due to a dehydrated complexion
Here, Are Top Tips To Keep Dryness Away From Your Little New Born

As said earlier, the dry skin conditions are innocuous which can be treated at home by swapping hazardous products with organic ones and make few changes in the baby care regimen. Let us delve deeper to know these game-changing tips for supple and soft baby skin:

  • Keep a Check on Bath Time-

    We all love bathing! But excess of anything is not good for anyone not for little ones also. As per the leading pediatrician, it is advisable to cut short the sudsing time to 10 minutes only. Moreover, once the umbilical cord is of the baby bathing is switched from sponge to normal. But, babies are not required to take shower every day. So, limit it to ‘three’ or ‘four’ times in a week for short time only as- the more they stay in the water the more their skin can tend to get dry.

  • Water Should Always Be Lukewarm-

    Hot water is Big! Big! No for babies whereas lukewarm water will not burn their skin and safe for them. With that said, still, you can make the bathing time fun for babies by using organic products that are gentle for their delicate dermis. So, look no further, check it out Momandworld Baby Wash; the extra mild cleanser is formulated with premium ingredients sourced globally and thoughtfully processed for the safest bath time. The luxe formula is loaded with the goodness of “sweet almond oil” – it is a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that safeguard their dermis from bacterial attack and nosocomial infection. The optimal body wash is plant-derived with additives extracted from Mother’s Nature’s lap such as “Aloe Vera” which is chock-full of nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids, and amino acids that abet in making skin soft and supple as well as it has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties that form a protective shield on your baby’s skin-saving it from pollens and pollutant present in the home.

Furthermore, for instant relief from itching, to intensely moisturize the delicate dermis, and reduces inflammation – “Oats” is also added to the plush product. The potent “Chamomilla extract” herb has antioxidant properties that succor in reducing harmful free radicals damage. Additionally, “Pro-vitamin B5” is an excellent hydrating substance that offers intense moisture along with “Moroccan Argan oil” queens of oil is known to combat infection and keeping the baby soft skin lighter and radiant. The cleanser is made with 100% pure and organic compound making skin soft and smooth without stripping the natural oil. Added Bonus: It is free of any harmful harsh chemicals such as parabens, silicones, phthalates, and sulfates. It is free of animal cruelty and vegan. Make some space in your baby cabinet for this ultimate cleanser that offers extra smooth, nourished, and clean skin.

Baby’s Head To Toe Soft Skin Is One Wash Away!

  • Moisturize After Every Wash-

    The key to a healthy and soft epidermis is “moisturization” and the same is with your baby’s skin. It is recommended to moisturize the skin after every bath to treat dryness as well as to seal the hydration in the layers. All you need is a dollop of natural baby lotion – gently massage on their damp skin. The nourishing botanicals will soothe and calm sensitive and dry skin.

Are you pondering how to find the best botanical lotion for your little one? Let us make this daunting task easy for you! Here we present Momandworld Baby Nourishing Lotion; the plush lotion is formulated with some of the most nourishing and enriching ingredients from the earth. The multi-tasking lotion is crafted with “Vitamin E” – a magical ingredient for parched tone loaded with anti-oxidant properties and acts as a super hydrator. It offers tender skin its desired moisture. The opulent lotion is also infused with natural and pure oils such as Calendula “Soothe chafed tone”, Apricot “deep nourishment”, Wheat germ “natural hydration”, Avocado ” intense moisturization”, Sweet almond oil ” treat eczema”, and Organic olives “fight off bacterial infection”.

The plush product is made with active botanicals also like Organic aloe vera gel that calms the inflamed tone, Organic Shea Butter for conditioning the burning skin, and Colloidal Oat powder to treat dreary complexion. After every wash apply the effective lotion on your little one’s damp skin to seal the hydration and minimize the moisture loss – within a jiffy, you will feel the skin will transform from dry and flaky to supple, soft, and extra smooth. The plant kissed product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and mineral oils. Furthermore, the product is made in small batches with pure, organic, and natural premium ingredients – so your little one is in safe hands. Give your baby a gift of a lifetime – a dazzling, radiant, and dewy complexion.

Pediatricians Approved Plant Derived Formula For Young One

  • Only Pat Drying After Bath-

    A must follow tip for all the parents to embark on the parenthood route with success- infant’s skin is extra soft and delicate, so pat dry them with an extra soft towel after every bath. Especially for babies with the extra dry and parched tone, rubbing can worsen the skin condition; it can make the epidermis extra dehydrated. Say no to rubbing! This can chap the delicate complexion.

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