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Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks Post Delivery

Giving birth to a soul is a responsibility that nature has allotted to women. This responsibility comes with an abundance of overwhelming feelings and sometimes with a condition called striae gravidarum, commonly known as stretch marks.

As a new mom, you would want to do everything perfectly for your little one, and in all the hustle, it is natural to forget about your own body. Stretch marks are no health hazard, but keeping a check on your body marks won’t harm you! They can appear on your belly and breasts and can extend to thighs and upper arms as well.

What Are Stretch Marks?

When life grows inside you, your body grows faster and skin stretches rapidly. When the middle layer of your skin cannot take the stretching after an extent, it starts to tear apart, and those tears become visible on the outer surface in the form of what we call stretch marks.

The stretch marks can be a result of excessive muscle gain or body fat as well. However, 90% of women experience stretch marks postpartum. However, it is to be noted that if your mother or sister had them, you might have them too; it is all in the genes.

Baby’s growth spikes in the third trimester, and that is when these stretch marks become prominent. There are ways to keep your body free of stretch marks if you are careful during this period of pregnancy. However, you can treat them properly only after you have delivered the baby.

Let’s find out some of the best ways to deal with stretch marks, both pre and post-delivery.

Moisturize Your Body During Pregnancy

Mom & World places its bet on Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks as it helps in keeping all layers of skin healthy and hydrated, thus protecting your skin from tearing apart, even when it stretches. This massage lotion is made up of natural and organically available ingredients so that it doesn’t cause any harm to you or your little one. Some of the key ingredients of this massage lotions are – Vitamin C, Vitamin E, natural oils, glycerine, cocoa butter, lemon extract, Shea butter, Hyaluronic acid, Moroccan argan oil and Kokum butter. All these ingredients provide much-needed moisture to the skin and help retain the elasticity of the skin. Since it’s safe for all skin types, you can start using these for your massages from day 1. This will keep you hydrated the entire day, and thus no worries for re-application.

Hydrate Well

Water is one element that cures anything and everything. Water helps in cell repairing and recovering from marks you got during the pregnancy.

It is advisable to drink 2 to 3 litres of water in a day, even when you are not pregnant, as it provides the required hydration.

Dermatologically Tested Creams

When it comes to pregnancy, doctors may put you on medication depending on your health condition. However, the way you want your body to be treated is your call. The ritual of putting on a lotion should continue even after you have delivered your baby. The toxin-free creams from Mom & World can be beneficial for the speedy recovery of your skin.

One of the worst affected body parts during this time is the belly. The skin around our belly is all dry, which leads to stubborn stretch marks. Our specially infused Belly Body Butter with Mango & Cocoa Butter can help you here. This body butter is infused with mango butter, cocoa butter, glycerine and wax and many more natural oils. This one is 100% organic, calming, moisturizing in nature which is just what your belly needs at this time. This one has proven to help with itchiness which most of the mom faces during these times. And don’t worry, this product is safe for you and your baby.

Ice It Up

Every woman who is now a mother is familiar with the inflammation she felt on her belly during the pregnancy. It would help if you took care of it in the most delicate manner. Hence, take good care of your skin by applying ice wrapped in the softest cloth on your skin whenever you feel this inflammation.

Let Your Body Heal

Although stretch marks are not permanent, you need to take the matter in your hands to heal them sooner. Take proper sleep and massage your body enough to fasten the curing process. Our bodies work at their own pace, and we can’t compare them to others. All you need to do is let it rest and eat well.

Postpartum, your body, is high on hormones, and you need to relax and unwind everything that is going on with your body. If you skip on the relaxing part, the hormones will keep interrupting the process of curing your skin.

Restore Smooth Skin

It is all about getting your body all that it had lost while going through the journey of motherhood. It is time you relax and let your body go through the therapeutic process of healing. The tips we have given are no magical cures that will take away your stretch marks overnight, but they will help to pace up the recovery process.

Make sure you try Mom & World’s skin-friendly, dermatologically-tested, and toxin-free products that will keep your body healthy and provide the necessary nourishment.

Once You Have Given Birth…

Once you have gone through the most challenging part of the pregnancy, it is time you focus on your body and smoothen out those pregnancy marks. Mom & World has always worked on keeping the mothers and the babies healthy, and now it is committed to caring about mothers postpartum. Don’t forget to check out our website for such products and much more to take your baby’s best care and yourself. Click on the link today and explore our products. After all, a happy mamma can only make a baby happy.

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