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Dermatologists Debunked Some Top Myths Associated With Night Cream!

“Give a girl the right moisturizer and she can conquer anything!”

If you are a beauty aficionado you must know the old wives tales on “beauty sleep”. However, it’s more than just about sound sleep- while you unfolding the day when you slip into slumber, the skin starts it’s repairing and regeneration process. So, high-quality night cream focuses on recovery and hydration. It is quintessential to inculcate a good night cream into your evening regimen after getting rid of the daily life from your skin like car fumes, dirt, and baneful UV rays. Let us delve deeper to know why incorporating night cream in the skincare routine is essential.

Does Skin Differ At Night Time?

According to leading Derms, during the night our skin undergoes several physiological changes. At day skin constantly defend against external factors such as pollution, sun rays, microbes, and harsh weather condition. Whereas while sleeping, the skin changes its modes- it starts the regeneration and restoring process. Plus, it also repairs the epidermis from the damage that occurred during the day. Due to this reason, the night creams are loaded with ingredients full of moisturizer. And with this, we lead to…

Is There Any Difference Between Day And Night Creams?

The basic distinction between A.M. and P.M. creams is ingredients and their consistency. During the restoring and rebalancing process at night, the cells need nutrients that can be obtained from the substance that is hydration rich such as retinol, Hyaluronic acid, and peptides. Thus, a night cream will have thicker consistency – at night the cream can penetrate into the cells and make the skin ready for the next day!

However, the time you are up from the bed your skin forms a protective layer to fend off environmental aggressors and free radical damages that wreck havoc on the skin cells leads to premature aging. The paramount role of a day cream is to protect the epidermis. With that said, both day and night cream is imperative for an effective skincare regimen.

Now, let us dig deeper to unfold the myths associated with night cream (often underestimated) skincare step, pulling down your daily beauty regimen.

Myth #1: Both the Day And Night Cream Are Same

One of the biggest floating myths in the skincare industry is that day and night cream are the same. No doubt! You can use your day SPF enrich moisturizer at night but some sunblocks may clog the pores, so employing them at night is not advisable. Additionally, as said earlier during night time the skin needs a hefty dose of hydration which a light-weight day cream may be unable to deliver. A day lotion is designed to safeguard the dermis from harmful elements during the day while a night cream is formulated with copious moisturization elements that are designed for repairing and replenishment. It is suggested to make an informed decision for your skin!

Myth #2: Night Cream Is Just a Marketing Gambit

Another well-known myth about night creams- they are companies’ marketing ploy to boost their revenue. However, skincare experts and enthusiasts rave about the night cream as a magical potion that proffers radiant, hydrated, and supple complexion after waking up instead of a tight, dreary, and dull tone. Moreover, they have advocated that with religious routine, proper hydration, and a healthy diet their skin has seen a drastic change in the texture and tone-more dewy, soft, and luminous complexion.

Myth #3: Only Expensive Night Creams Works Effectively

The most common misconception about skincare is – higher the price tag more effective the potion would work. However, the companies with pricey lotion may be loaded with artificial fragrances and hard to pronounce ingredients. So, before looking for the price better to look at the list of compounds it contains, thoroughly read the label before investing.

Myth #4 Night Creams Are Good For Nothing

When we sleep our skin starts the rejuvenation process, at the same time moisture loss also happens on the dermis due to many reasons like overheated room, lack of water in the body, and dry home. In the morning face skin will feel stretched, tight, and uncomfortable. Howbeit, with a slathering of organic night cream the much-needed hydration will be accomplished which will help to keep aging at bay. For example, Hyaluronic acid enriches night cream will work slowly in banishing the fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation, the next day the dermis appears nourished, plump, and dewy.

Myth #5 Night Cream is for above 40’s

I am too young for a night cream, a common belief by people above their ’30s. A reality check for them – collagen is required for healthy hair, nails, and skin but after the age of 25 its production decreases. But a premium quality night cream is infused with ingredients that boost the collagen production for younger-looking skin. Inculcate an optimal night cream into your beauty regimen when hitting 30’s to maintain a youthful glow and radiant skin that lasts long.

Repair Renew Firming Night Cream

Are you about to hit your 30’s and 40’s? Your skin has started showing the early signs of aging – sagging skin? Then look no further! Checks out momandworld repair renew firming night cream; the luxe formula has the perfect blend of active botanicals and nourishing oils that works magically on all skin types. The hefty punch of vitamins are infused in the product such as vitamin C – a powerhouse antioxidant ingredient that shield the dermis from outside damages and free radicals attack like pollution from car fumes, harmful rays from the sun, and microbes present in the environment, making skin ready for the next day. Plus, the potent vitamin boosts collagen production – rendering a youthful, brighter, and firmer complexion.

Furthermore, the product has vitamin E- again an antioxidant-enriched element which also proffers super-hydration to the dermis; you wake up with a dewy and supple tone. The stellar substance in the potion is retinol- beauty industry adoring age defending; anti-aging compound and a natural derivative of vitamin A aids in keeping aging at bay. Also, the smooth and rich texture of the cream is because it contains Shea and cocoa butter- both this plant butter offers extensive hydration to the epidermis along with retaining skin elasticity so all you have is tighter and supple tone.

Additionally, to prevent moisture loss from the skin during the night, the cream is infused with sea buckthorn oil- it deeply feeds the parched tone with much-needed hydration. Further, the product has superfood avocado oil in it which provides insane moisturization to the epidermis without making it look greasy and oily. To double duty the night cream effect the product has plant-based Ayurveda extracts such as Gotu Kola ‘tightening the skin’, Ashwagandha ‘boosting collagen’, Licorice ‘lightening the tone’, Saffron ‘brightening the complexion’, Aloe Vera ‘soothing’, Cucumber ‘cooling’, Green tea ‘ shrinking the enlarged pores’, and Oats ‘remove dead skin’. Besides these, the highly-effective lotion also mingled with lemon and orange peel oil a citric storehouse element repair, restore, and rejuvenate the skin. Here’s the good news for furry ball lovers the product is formulated with the natural and organic element with no animal derivatives – it’s cruelty-free! Vegan! Another perk: the night cream does not contain common cosmetic additives like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, and silicones. Inculcate this plush cream into your evening care routine to level up your game, say sayonara to wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet – welcome younger-looking, plump, and luminous skin.

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