A Guide to Organic Baby Products

Managing a baby’s skin is undoubtedly a delicate matter. During the initial days, your baby’s immune system is one the developing stage, and just like other new parents, you will also want to use the mildest products that suit the best for your little one. But, conditions like dry skin, diaper rashes, skin rashes, and eczema can make you go crazy. However, these are signs that you need to treat and prevent these problems immediately. It is the right time to consult your pediatrician about starting the right product.

Remember, your baby requires dye and perfume free skin products. Here are a few tips to buy baby products for your wee one:

Groom Products for your Baby

Baby Oil: Your physician may suggest a baby oil to prevent cradle cap, dryness, and more. Using the baby oil is also considered to be a gentle yet effective method to wipe off a super sticky poop from the skin of your baby. However, there is no need to use it regularly to cover your babies from allergies, bacteria, and other skin infections. You can choose Mom and World’s Baby Oil, it is made with an organic ingredient that effectively moisturizes the scalp of your baby and supports the hair growth.

Organic Baby Cleanser & Soap: When it comes to baby cleanser or soap, always check the ingredient list, look for the labels that say that the product is chemical-free and without any harmful additives. Here, remember that a gentle baby wash will work wonders on our baby’s skin. Always go for a baby soap that is organic, toxin-free, and specially designed for your baby.

Baby Moisturizer and Ointments: It is for the best to consult your doctor before making a move. Try not to experiment with the creams and lotions. Do your homework by looking out for the best natural products instead. It is best to create a list of products like Diaper rash, Mosquito repellent, Baby Nourishing Lotion, etc, and buy from one of the most reliable stores like Mom and World.

Brushing and Combing Tools: In case your little one has a fuzz head, it is preferable to get a comb to untangle those tiny thin hairs with a comb or a brush. Also, in case your baby is bald, we suggest you to wait for a couple months for buying these tools for your baby.

Natural Baby Wipes: For the initial days, it is recommended for you to use a cotton ball to clean your baby- dip a cotton ball into the oil and rub it along the area you want to moisturize. After a couple of months, you can buy baby wipes to clean your baby effectively. It is better to choose a hypoallergenic product as they are considered to be alcohol and perfume free, natural based wipes that are safe for your babies.

Quick Tips to Follow:
  • Always, read the labels carefully. This is because baby products may contain dyes, perfumes, and other chemicals that might cause an allergic reaction on your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Make sure your list has all the natural based skin-care products. But in case you have problems like allergies or asthma (or anyone in your family is suffering from the same) then chances are your newborn may also be allergic to the same botanical and natural ingredients. Therefore, consult your pediatrician before making a purchase.
  • Always go for the hypoallergenic products; however, this term can mislead you as well. Here, this word means that the product is less harmful on your baby’s skin while comparing it with other chemical-based products. Keeping this mind you should always introduce the product in smaller quantities to your baby- this will keep safe!
  • Settle down on the paraben-free products. This is because such chemicals are quite harmful to babies and may result in causing some severe health conditions later in life.

Lastly, remember to keep these products handy and out of reach so your baby bear won’t get tempted to grab them once they can crawl or walk. Like the moment your tiny tot starts crawling he/she will be cruising around the house, putting everything in the mouth that comes their way.

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