About Us

About Us

Who We Are

As parents, all we wanted to make smart choices for the ones whom we love the most- Our Families. We were on a lookout for safe options, but unfortunately, we didn’t know where to turn to. We wanted that one brand that offers trusted products and information. And when we failed in what we were looking for — and realized that there are many like us out there — the idea for Mom and World was born.

Our Ingredients

We believe, if you look closely, nature has offered us all the solutions for our daily beauty and wellness requirements. Our extensive range of products are free from any harsh chemicals or toxicity. Instead, our products are made using essential oils, fruit, flower and root extracts, making it safe to use.

Our Standards

For us at Mom and World, product safety tops the list. Every product is made with natural ingredients and under stern administration. We have a strong faith in the natural process, created by the almighty, of baby’s birth and formulating easy-to-use natural products for the mother and the newborn. We continue the plant wisdom that has been passed down from great-grandmother to grandmother to mother to daughter; we make our best efforts to fuse this wisdom with safety and affirmation of modern evidence-based research.

What We Believe

We consider ourselves as a wellness brand having values deeply rooted in community, pellucidity, design and consciousness. Our sole mission is to enable the people to lead happy and healthy lives. Every single day and in every possible way, we ensure that we hold ourselves to an honest standard.